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Part-time courses allowing you the possibility to combine learning English while working, during your holidays and your everyday life.

Objectives: Through our courses you will develop the ability to communicate to the public, and with native speakers spontaneously. Our methodology will allow you to constantly practice your new language skills in real communication situations.

Each level integrates the 4 skills described in the Curriculum Guidelines (oral production, oral comprehension, written production and reading comprehension).

  • Hours per week: 8 group hours

  • Students per class: Between 5 and 15 students

  • Monday to Thursday: From 10 am to 12 pm

  • Monday to Thursday: From 7 pm to 9 pm

  • Duration per level: 8 weeks (64 hours)

  • In the evening: Cultural activities, linguistic practices, volunteering, outings and much more.

  • Start dates:Every first Monday of the month

  • Levels: All levels. From A1 to C2

  • Price per level: 500$ (250$ per month)

  • School supplies: 40$ per levels

  • Registration price: 20$ (ONCE)