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  • ELC College’s intensive ENGLISH classes will catapult your skills to the next level in no time.

  • Feel confident and comfortable communicating with native speakers from day one.

  • Use your ENGLISH in everyday life for travel, romance, business, education, and more.

  • Attend our activities and volunteer program every Friday. YOU WILL MOVE FORWARD QUICKLY!

Our intensive courses offer you a complete immersion in the language and allow you to live a unique linguistic, cultural and human experience, while discovering Montreal, a cosmopolitan city open to the world and international environment.

You will embark on a fantastic and incredible journey in the company of our EXCELLENT native teachers.

Objectives: This program includes the acquisition of the 4 skills described in the Curriculum Guidelines (oral production, oral comprehension, written production and reading comprehension).

  • Hours per week: 20 hours per week

  • Students per class: Between 5 and 10 students

  • Monday to Thursday: From 9:30am to 4:00pm

  • Friday: Cultural activities, linguistic practices, volunteering, outings and much more.

  • Start date:Every first Monday of the month

  • Levels: All levels, from A1 to C2

  • Duration per level: 6 weeks 

  • Price per level: 1500$ (250$ per month)

  • School supplies: 50$ per level

  • Registration price: 20$ (ONCE)

  • * ELC College has the right to modify the numbers of hours depending on the numbers of students registered to the same class.