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ELC College is an official IELTS test center in Montreal.

ELC College is conveniently located near the Iberville metro and has easy parking nearby. Our IELTS team works hard to provide you with a personalized support and a customized service of excellence.

ELC College offers: IELTS on paper and IELTS on computer. We offer 3 test sessions per day, from Monday to Saturday. Results for IELTS on computer are available in 3 to 5 days. Results for IELTS on paper are available in 13 days.

We offer wireless infra-red headphones.


IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. It is a test developed by the world’s leading experts in language assessment on four key English language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. It is designed to assess the language ability of people who aim to study, work, immigrate and integrate in an English-speaking environment.

Since 1989, IELTS has been proven and trusted worldwide to provide a secure, global, authentic, and customer-focused test which measures true-to-life ability to communicate in English.

Over 11,000 educational institutions, government agencies and professional organizations across over 140 countries worldwide recognize IELTS test scores as a trusted and valid indicator of ability to communicate in English. IELTS is one of the fastest growing English Language tests in the world, and sets the standard for integrity, research, and innovation.

In Canada, IELTS is used as a measure of English language proficiency for immigration, skilled worker applications, university and college entrance requirements and professional designations.