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Work with us!

ELC College invites all educational institution, educational agency or independent person with experience in the recruitment of students, to be part of our team. We are constantly looking for knowledgeable representatives of the industry and passionate for international education to present our services to its customers.

Why partner with ELC College?

Well, there are many reasons. Here are just a few:

For the experience of our team:
  • High quality experience in teaching English and French. Our instructors are fully qualified to teach according to the standards set by Canadian government agencies.

  • Communication-focused teaching approach

  • Our students receive a diploma at the end of the program

  • A student-focused approach based on their particular needs

  • Preparation programs for official exams

  • Official French and English exams

  • Small groups with an average of 8 students.

For the experience lived by our students:
  • Community access programs, which focus on volunteering to facilitate the acquisition of the language through practice and immersion.

  • We have a language exchange program that allows you to practice with natives and get to know their culture.

  • High percentage of student satisfaction, according to our surveys on the level achieved, the curriculum, the teachers and the activities and programs we offer.

  • Outings, cultural activities, parties and much more

For the experience of our Agents
  • Our Agents receive very competitive compensation

  • Seamless and accurate communication with agents and stakeholders

  • Effective, flexible and almost immediate administrative assistance.

  • Total transparency in any communication or transaction made.

  • You will not be disappointed in the experience your students will live

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